Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enjoying an off day

I'm off from work today with the downside of that being having to work this weekend. But, got a little art done this morning that I started last night. I'm ignoring some housework to do this knowing that it will still be there waiting on me later on. Also, I will admit, though should be ashamed to do so, that I'm in the process of taking down and putting up my Christmas stuff. In my defense, we were late getting it put up(the week before Christmas) due to my Mother's stroke and then I had gallbladder surgery that week, so I couldn't lift the boxes until last week. I hate this part of the decorating. Love seeing the decorations out, but it's kind of depressing to put them away, not to mention tedious.

Well, on to the art. From the Artist Circle workshop, if we had leftover tags, Cindy's suggestion was to take 3 of them and collage and then attach them to a canvas. Mine ended up being kind of about immigration/family so I glued a map of the world to the canvas and antiqued it with a light antique gold glaze and gesso, before attaching the tags. On the tags, I used some leftover scraps from other projects, vintage stamps or postage stickers, and bits of wood.

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Lin Lin said...

Ahhh, now I remember you. You made the key tag that I mentioned on a post at Artists Circle, " I so want that tag." Looking at your journal page collages, tag book and canvas, you have a talent for such things. The dimension is wonderful, something that does not come easy to me. LinLin

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