Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Post

I want to try blogging and see if it can fit into my life without taking away from the spare time I have for either what I should be doing around the house(yuck!) when not working or art. Since I'm the queen of procrastinators and also an all over the place kind of person, we'll have to see how it goes. I absolutely love reading other blogs, especially the pics that are posted of art. Living in a rural area which has very little to offer in the way of culture, I depend on the internet and my magazine addiction for inspiration. I experimented some with posting at Yahoo 360, but think I'll try blogger to see if I can really get a blog going and keep at it. Today's picture is a tag booklet created doing a workshop from the Artist's Circle yahoo group. I'm not sure how to include names as a link yet, so that will have to come later. For now, this will be a very simple blog. The workshop was to age 12 tags with coffee staining and then use various processes to age and color them, ending with having fun with collage and joining them together. Here is my finished project.


G Leigh said...

Your journal pages and tag/art pieces are gorgeous.

I came across your blog pressing the "next blog" button at the top of the screen. Since I live 45 minutes from nowhere, I know how it is with rural. Been using yahoo360, and thought I would try my hand at the blogger thingy. come over and visit my blog "the bead kitchen"- I mostly do beadwork.

rosebudinnh said...

love your tags, the charms are a wonderful addition. welcome to blog land. Rose

morningDove said...

I love your tag booklet, the canvas and your compostion pages. Great work. Book Blogging for Dummies has some good info in it on how to highlight, attache pictures, etc. And in layman terms, since I am technically challenged.

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