Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some journal pages

Also, finished a few spreads in my composition journal book. Unfortunately, my scanner bed isn't large enough for the both pages to show completely, but thought you could get the idea better with most of the 2 pages together, than if I scanned them each separately.

The pages related to numbers and size were done upon finding several images of women's bodies missing their heads in my scrap box. These were leftover from when my oldest dd was home from college recovering from anorexia several years ago. She had used the faces evidently in her journal, leaving the bodies behind. So this spread was born, about how we focus on size and numbers and not on the face or the person behind the face.

The others included are just from bits and pieces from the same scrap box and from recent projects. I am trying something that is working better for me, which is to glue my paper pieces to the pages and THEN gesso and paint around them, instead of gessoing the pages first and having to wait on them to dry. This way I can get more done in less time. Obviously, I've not yet journaled on them. I've found it more fun to do spreads and then go back and write on the ones that work with what I want to say or sometimes they inspire the words, as they also came from my subconscious.


March said...


Dawn said...

Your blog is wonderful, your art work really, really excellent. I LOVE the name of your blog - really neat.
I am going to e mail you to help you with the link thing okay...

Lin Lin said...

Hi Jill, great job on your blog. Love your art journaling pages and will give your gesso after-not-before a try. I just started journaling also and hate that drying time.

KnittingJourneyman said...

You are doing such a great job with your blog. Your pics of your animals are so great--how cute. :-)
Your art work is excellent as well. You have a great deal of talent. :-) Kudos.

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