Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest art and baby stuff

Sorry to not have blogged anymore, but I've been gone. Shown above is one of the reasons for my absence. After working off Wednesday morning, I drove down to Tuscaloosa with no sleep. Needed to see that grandbaby again, you know! Also wanted to help Emily out with a few things and see Holly a little bit more before she headed back to Texas. Wish I had gotten to see her more while she was visiting. It just didn't work out so well for that. As it was, though, she was able to help Emily on the days that I had to work. I had to take Holly to the airport on Thursday afternoon. Sad to see her go. This is Holly making a sad face right before we had to leave to go to the airport.

After seeing me blog about my experiments with combining photos with a painting technique on canvas board, Holly requested the 2 fall-looking ones. I really wanted to do a little bit more on making a hanger for them, like maybe with a twig and fibers, but since Holly said she liked them like they were and I didn't have a lot of extra time, they just ended up with a simple ribbon hanger.

I also got one of the 3 collages done for Thomas. I hesitate about showing it here, as I was totally inspired, shall we say, by someone's work on Etsy. I did make it my own by adding the sun and the letters, but the turtle is done much like hers. Decided to go ahead and show you, but link to her work and give her the credit for the inspiration. Her shop name is Kate Endle Collage. Clicking on the link will take you to her etsy pages. Her work is so wonderful. Being on a limited budget means you have to make your own sometimes. Emily had asked me to make some pictures for the nursery. She had seen something similar to these, wanting some art to bring more color into the room to bring together the bedding and other furniture pieces and toys. Went ahead and took this one on down, but still have 2 more to finish of an elephant and an alligator.


Holly said...

I LOVE this picture of Thomas. I would like to have a copy of this to frame in my house! I wish I would have gotten to see you more too. However, I was thankful for the time I did get :) Thank you for surrendering the wonderful pictures to me! I am trying to decide where I want to hang them. I will let you know where when I do. I love them though! I can't wait to see the other two completed pictures for the nursery! Love you!


Jeanie said...

Wonderful photos! Love Thomas' collages and also how you fixed yours with the ribbons. Raffia would work, too. These are beautiful. Someday (how many times do I say "someday") when I have time, I'd like to play with that technique!

Beth said...

Oh,,Thomas is precious! I know I would be heading down to see him every time I was off if I was you.
Love the prints you did for Holly! They beautiful! Also love the Turtle pic for Thomas! Your Art just always inspires and amazes me.

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