Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ok, another baby pic

Emily took this one and sent it to Aunty HaHa who is then forwarding them to me. Thomas is already picking up his head and putting it on his arms. He also is already trying to turn over from his back. Of course, these days they aren't supposed to lay babies on their stomach to sleep due to SIDS risk, so they put him down on his back with one of those things with the wedges on either side of him(don't know what they are called). Emily says he still tries to roll over to his stomach over the support thingy. He had a visit to the doctor yesterday and is doing well. Is now 22 inches long and almost 9 lbs. They are changing formula to see if he'll spit up less with the new one. He's got his nights and days mixed up as they say. Sleeping more during the day and staying awake a lot more at night, but he is not really a fussy baby, so that is good.


Jeanie said...

What a sweetie! Such a wonderful face!

Hey, I tried to change my reply stuff in blogger. It didn't seem to take, but I might have done the wrong thing. Does it still say no-reply when you get the email notification?

Jeanie said...

Hi, Jill! Trying again -- thanks for your help! (And he's still darned cute -- Emily will get sleep soon, we'll hope!)

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