Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for another baby picture

Ok, there may be more pics of Thomas than art related posts for a while. Some due to lack of time for art and also just have to show you how cute he is! I've not seen him now in over a week. Today's photo is one that Emily took of him as they had him dressed up to go see his other grandparents(insert frowny face here). I'm glad THEY got to see him, but sad that I didn't get to. This is my work week and Kerry was out of town for a couple of days this weekend while attending the race in Bristol, TN. We had 2 tickets, but I couldn't go since it fell when I was working and I hated ask off again this soon after being off for Thomas' birth. Kerry took a friend in my place and since we were both away from home, Craig's parents were the first ones to be honored with a visit in their home from the new grandson. Oh, well, guess someone had to be first. They will be coming to see us next Sunday, but I may just drive down before then since I will work off Wednesday morning. It will depend on what I need to do to help Mom and also to help Kerry here on the farm since his Dad is not totally recovered.


Holly said...

You know I love looking at pics of him!:)Hope you get to see him soon! Give him lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Ha Ha and Unkie Chris. Oh, and you forgot to mention that your other sweet daughter has been emailing you these lovely Thomas pictures ;)

Love you,

Beth said...

Gosh, he is really growing and just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I know you can't wait to see him again! Work is going ok, busy sometimes but thats ok as it goes quicker. Garden is down to beans and Okra. I just couldn't stay on top of the weeds this year because of all the rain. And tomatoes didn't do so great because of too much rain. It was a learning experience for me this year as it was my first BIG garden.
I will do a few things different next year. Hope your job gets easier each week. I know you have enjoyed being off this week.
Take care, Jilly!

Emmey said...

Hey, I think your grandson knows when I am trying to write you a comment because everytime that I try he wakes up and wants to eat! We can't wait to see you and just drive on down here if you decide to come. We're here :)! Love you Mom!

Jeanie said...

Well, my point of view is that a baby is a work of art, and even though it's a generation or so apart, you had your hand in the final result genetically! So there!

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