Friday, August 21, 2009

Tutorial for effortless unmounting of wooden rubber stamps

I thought for a change from baby photos, I would offer up a tutorial today. Some of the key requirements might be a little hard to find, but I might be able to help you out. These days those unmounted clear stamps seem to be all the rage and I've seen others offering advice on how to unmount your old wooden block rubber stamps so that they can be stored more efficiently. I accidentally happened upon a method I thought you all might be interested in. Here is my step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Have your rubber stamps stored and displayed very neatly in an over-the-door wire shelf organizing system, especially one whose bottom shelves are only a foot from the floor.

Step 2. Accidentally leave the afore-mentioned door open when you leave the room.

Step 3. Walk to another part of the house to take care of household chores.

Step 4. Own a small hyperactive dog like this one.

Step 5. Realize that you don't see the sweet little creature you have taken in off the streets, provided with a comfortable home along with plenty of food, water, and legal doggie chew toys.

Step 6. Start searching through the house only to startle this doggie in your bedroom with a piece of wood hanging out of one side of her mouth and an innocent look on her face that says, "What?!? I haven't done ANYTHING! Why are you looking at me like that?"

Step 7. Remove the wooden block from your pet's mouth, wipe the slobber and splinters off it, and locate the piece of rubber that has become detached from the wooden block with totally no effort on your part. See how easy-peasy that was!

Advantages to this method: Very little to no work involved for you. You can take care of other things while your artistic helper unmounts the stamps.

Disadvantages: You do run the risk of varying degrees of damage to the wooden block or rubber stamp depending upon how long it takes you to get back to your dog, how sharp her teeth are, etc.(See photo below). Also, you may find that it is very tedious picking the now-embedded pet hair from the part of the mount with the still-sticky adhesive. This might not be as bad for you, depending upon how well you keep your carpets vacuumed and/or how much your pets shed. If you find your doggie is not as adept as Maggie as the stamp removal, that is where I might be able to help you. Call me. Depending upon the day and how much damage has been done, she might be for rent!

No irony at all in the word on the particular stamp my lab assistant chose to alter for me!


Holly said...

I am LMAO! I think that is the absolute best blog post I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I am still laughing! Very clever...te he he he ha ha ha! :) :) :) Hope you have a good night at work!

Love you,

P.S. Still funny....still laughing.

Holly said...

Still laughing.....

Beth said...

HA!!!! This is hilarious! Aren't our Fur Babies so wonderful? Lady has never munched on stamps but when we first got her she did chew up the ear pieces on my hub's glasses. He left them on the bed while he was in the shower. So we had to get new glasses for him. And we have had a few holes chewed in our socks but all in all she isn't as bad as some dogs.
So you weren't feeling the JOY, when you found the stamp? LOL.
Too funny!

Jeanie said...

I needed a serious laugh and I just got one! Look at that little face! Such a hoot. Bravo!

Emmey said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA...............What would yiu do without ur assistant! She performs great work!......still laughing.

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