Friday, February 8, 2008


A long busy week at work is now over! Lots of sick people! Please take care of yourself and your loved ones! Take your vitamins! Such stuff as mono, strep, flu, pneumonia and then the complications from those illnesses.

I've just discovered the One World, One Heart Blog giveaway. I would love to participate in giving something away, so I'm going to have to think on it to come up with something. It may have to be a collage/assemblage art pack or something similar, cause I'm not sure I have anything like a completed piece of art that anyone would want or that I would want to give away.

Today's art is one I ended up giving my Mom because I wanted her to know how much I admired her. She raised us in the 60's with an advanced for the time view of home responsibilities, that is, there were no men's jobs or women's jobs. My brothers and I shared in jobs around the home, like cleaning, mowing the yard, helping in the garden, etc. Unlike how my dh was raised, where men did the outside jobs, like mowing and carrying out the trash(see how limited male responsibilites were in his upbringing) and women did everything else like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping,etc, etc. etc. My brothers turned out to be great husbands(as far as I know, anyways, lol!). I, on the other hand, entered into marriage with unreal expectations, I guess, about how spousal roles would be, given my dh's spoiled raising. The only thing he ever had to do in the house, was help straighten up his room. So, though I love my husband, and he has gotten better over the years, this created the major source of stress in our marriage for years.
Well, you can see that is a sensitive subject for me, since I rambled on about it so much. To get back to this collage piece, I started out with a National Geo map glued on a piece of matboard and then layered a gold tissue paper over it. A Breck woman takes center stage along with a vintage postcard of a flower, bits of other ephemera, and her crown is metal from a rusted air filter with the jewels being loose cabochons(?sp).

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