Friday, February 15, 2008

Skinny Book Swap

I have been waiting to post this until the book was swapped out and I got mine today, so I'm going to post my page anyway. I'll take pics or scans of the book later on, as I get time.

I participated in Book 4 of Chrysti H. of the Altered Abbey's Skinny Book swaps as was announced in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. This was the last deadlined swap I signed up for, as during the process of getting this one done and another calendar swap done, both my Dad and my Mom's health declined. I have become superstitious about signing up again for a swap with a deadline, cause it seems like things always go wrong. If Chrysti had not extended the deadline some because of people dropping out, it would have been hard for me to get these pages done.

Well, I received the completed book today and it is so gorgeous! It will take me a while to really go through it and look at each page and each artist and take it all in.

Today's pic is my page except I guess one or perhaps more people got pages without the wording on them I intended it to have as this scan didn't and I didn't notice it until I'd mailed all the pages to Chrysti. There is supposed to be a banner that says "you could see her soul within her eyes" on the collaged pieces below the girl. The girl is a drawing I did from a National Geographic photo several years ago. She reminds me of my Mom as a little girl and even myself some when I was young, except that I never had long hair when I was that age. The background is collaged & whitewashed pieces from a vintage French textbook and then it is embellished with some torn ephemera like vintage music, letters, and flowers made from the same vintage letters and old buttons. After seeing all the wonderful pages in the completed book, I really hope others are not disappointed in mine. Well, it was what the muse brought to me at the time, so there it is.

Thanks to Chrysti for all her hard work in getting these books together, as it seems like it was really hard due to people dropping out completely after committing. I appreciate getting to particpate in it.


HEWY said...

Beautiful Picture!

Beth said...

What a wonderful Skinny book. I know you will cherish that. Is that one of the groups you belong to now? Sounds interesting. I hopw your having a great week-end!

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