Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have won, too!

I can't believe it! I have won 2 prizes so far. The first was a really awesome pair of earrings from Gemma. You can see the paint brush earrings here
Aren't they they coolest?

And, I just found out I won a beautiful handpainted mirror from Lisa Oceandreamer, who sponsored the whole OWOH event. For the winner announcement, she has written a story which you can see here:
and the mirrors can be seen here:

Later in the afternoon, I won a 3rd prize! A very special breast cancer awareness atc from Wendy. You can see it here
This will be special to me, cause I have lost a grandmother, first cousin, and friend to breast cancer.

I am almost beyond words. As I told Lisa, these will be special remembrances of a special event and I will always treasure them.

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Beth said...

Hi Jill,
I sure didn't know you had blog. I didn't get to enter every ones contest there were so many and I was so late in entering mine. I am so tickled to find you. I have thought about you alot!!! Mom is going to have her operation on Monday, so please remember her in your prayers. I feel so bad as I know you had some rough times lately and I haven't had a chance to write you. I hope all is well now. My brother from Hartselle is coming up today to help me celebrate my birthday. Come stop in and visit me as much as you can and I will do the same!!!

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