Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thrilled with response to OWOH giveaway

I joined up, but feared that no one would find their way to my blog or would look and not be interested! So I am thrilled with the 84(as of 9pm, Monday) entries! I thank all of you for your sweet compliments about my art and blog. It is so kind of you to take the time to offer encouragement and much appreciated.

If the entries go over 100, I will be giving away both prizes, the heart box and the tag collage, along with a few surprises as well. I have tried to enter the giveaways of all those who posted entries on my blog that were participants. If I missed one, it was accidental or on a couple, I was having trouble with the blog hosting site(usually blogger) not letting me pull up the comments part to be able to leave one. It probably has to do with my dial up connection speed and not with the blogger part, actually, now that I think on it.

There are so many wonderful and talented people offering up some amazing prizes. I keep thinking surely I will be lucky enough to win just one prize, but it is as much fun, if not more, giving away a prize(s) as it is hoping to win one. It's kind of like Christmas, when I will wait to open my gifts until I've watched all my family open their's first, cause that is the "bestest" part of all.

On to another subject completely. You all may laugh when you read this, but I get blockbuster movies through the mail(not the funny part), and I just last night started watching the Electric Company episodes that I had gotten. Was bummed out that the first season disc 1 was broken, so I had to start with Disc 2. I remembered watching this as a family grwoing up and so thought I must have been perhaps a preteen when it came on. Upon hearing the dates of production, 1973 or so the beginning, I believe, I realized I was a teenager when I watched this the first time. While at Mom's this evening, I remarked on this, and she said she remembered us all watching it, Dad included, and totally enjoying it as entertainment. My brothers are only 16 months and 4 years younger than me, so we were all past the learning-to-read age for which the show was produced. I had forgotten that Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman were on that show. Wow, they looked so young then! Remember Fargo North Decoder? It was a really cool show!

Also, I have been renting the episodes of Northern Exposure. I will note that I hardly ever watch TV and when that show first aired we were busy in the life of raising 2 girls, approaching teen years, and very involved in school activities. Also, I worked third shift, and so watched even less TV than I do now. Dh and I had caught some episodes in rerun and I loved those, so it dawned on me to check with Blockbuster and see if they had any to rent. I have watched a couple of seasons now and have to say that is some of the best TV I've ever seen. The acting is good, the scripts are very clever and intellectual. It is funny, sad, and entertaining. In a little internet browsing, I've discovered the same people who brought us St. Elsewhere also did Northern Exposure. St. Elsewhere was a show that I did manage to watch when it aired the first time. I did miss some episodes, but watched a lot of them. They are alike in that they are often quirky and catch you off guard with events or themes. Is there anything like this on the air today? I would love to know if anyone knows of a similar type show.

Oh well, I'll quit rambling. It's been a long day, but YEAH, I'm off tomorrow and the next day. For today's pic, I'm cheating and posting a skinny book page that I did a few months ago. The them was postage. Since this one was about love, I thought it might do for Valentine's.

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