Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thrift store finds last week

Since I've not posted in a few days, guess I will need to catch up. It has been stressful at work lately, so I took off a little early one day so I could go by the Salvation Army store. There are no great thrift stores in our town anymore. The best one in our area is about 30 miles from my house and it just seems to far to drive when I'm off with gas so high. I envy all the yummy finds I see online on blogs. The S.A. store here is ok, as in they are fairly well organized and pretty clean, but if anything is vintage, as in even from the 80's, they have it marked like it is an antique. I have a flea market booth myself and some of this stuff is too tacky to even sell, much less have it priced so high. BUT, when I go back this tacky stuff is no longer there, so I guess, someone wants it that much, go figure. For example, they will have a sofa with ripped and stained fabric, not antique, just vintage, priced at $200.

Oh well, my finds were 2 gingham aprons-$2 each, bird plaques(that I want to "antique"with white paint), a book box complete with note cards for only $1(it's pretty as is, but I may alter it one day), and several baggies of scrapbook or teacher scraps for 25 cents a bag.

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Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Jill! You have given me an idea...I have recently been combing thrift shops myself and got some totally awesome deals this past time...gonna go grab them and work up a post! Isn't it fun to hit those spaces?

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