Monday, January 12, 2009

A better day

Today was a better day. Mom did get to go home yesterday and is recovering. I did go help her for several hours this afternoon, but was able to get in my art room this morning before I went and make a start on the Valentine cards for one of the swaps. This one has the earliest due date and I looked at my swap info again and the other one I'm committed to that will take the most time isn't to be swapped out until the end of February. I was thinking it was the first of February as well. Of course, I was in the art room at the expense of housework although I did get a little done this evening.

I received an inspirational email this morning that reminded me that often it is in the hard times that changes occur in who we are and who we will be. This particular one was written by Os Hillman. It also said that in such experiences you should be alert for new perspectives, truths, and discoveries. As I looked through my photos for one to post I found this one that Emily took while we were in California at Corona Del Mar beach. In pondering this rock formation and its beauty, I thought of how it was formed over time by the wear of countless waves pounding at the rocks. While I sincerely hope that I don't have years of continuous troubles, I do realize the hard times I've had or will have might serve some purpose that I may not recognize while in the moment. I do know that things could be worse, but I guess it's only human to get discouraged once in a while. So I'll try to be thankful for what is good in my life and even for the troubles, hopeful that all these life events will be remaking me into a better person and perhaps preparing me to be able to help someone else.


Summer Gypsy said...

Max, Angel, and Bama are precious fur babies. Bama looks like a true Southern Belle!!

Holly said...

I really needed to read this post. That email had a very nice perspective on tough times. Hope things get better soon! I love you!!!!!!


P.S. I can't believe you let Dad get a new big screen TV! I looked up in the sky to see if pigs were flying, but was surprised when I did not see ;)

Beth said...

Great Post Jilly. Glad your Mom is at home and doing better. Stay warm as I know its pretty cold there this week too. I am so ready for summer!

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