Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling the love

The OWOH event is really taking off. As of this writing there are approaching 700 participants. I have almost 100 entries here so far. I do have another possible prize or 2 in mind and am working on those possiblities.

Today I've been working on some Valentine atc cards for a swap and my dh and I have finished putting up the tin on our kitchen ceiling. Now I'll need to get some coats of varnish on it. Will try to take some pictures if I can get them to =turn out. With a different ceiling, the walls don't look right now, so I'm pondering what I want to do there. In remodeling projects one thing often leads to another.

Edited to add that this is not one of the Valentine cards but something I did previously. I'm almost through with the cards and will post a pic when I'm done.


Beth said...

Oh,,I can't wait to see your ceiling. I know its going to turn out so pretty. But your right, one project leads to another. Your Valentine cards are great too. Are you in Mom's swap? I still have to make mine. I should have done it today while I was home for a snow day. We didn't get much,,just a dusting, but it was still pretty.
Take care, Jilly!

Holly said...

Glad yall got finished!!!! I can't wait to see it! YAY for 100 participants on your site :) Hope you have a wonderful night at work!

Love you,

Latharia said...

That is so pretty! :D

Jeanie said...

This is gorgeous. I'm not swapping these days, but boy -- seeing this makes me wish I was, even though it's not part of our group swap.


My Journey to Hope said...

Such great pieces! Do you sell on etsy or anywhere?


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