Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's going on with me

Immediately after I posted last, I ended up with my Mom at the emergency room, then ENT's office, then the hospital. Her tonsillitis got worse. At first, they thought she had a tonsillar abscess and that they might have to take her to surgery to drain it, but put her in the hospital to do a CAT scan and decided it was only really bad tonsillitis. The doctor kept her in the hospital, though, to give her steroids and antibiotics. So I've been with her at the hospital, except for a few hours Friday evening and some yesterday. Since she's had a stroke and is somewhat hampered with her moving about, she wants someone here to help her. Mom is doing much better. Was actually improving as early as Friday evening with the doses of IV antibiotics and steroids. She will hopefully get to go home today, Sunday.

Needless to say the weekend has not turned out like I hoped. In the time I was at home Friday evening, Holly and Chris opened their presents and stockings. Then yesterday on my way home from the hospital to go home and take a nap(we didn't sleep at all because of things beeping all night long) I stopped by to get a birthday cookie for Holly a late birthday cake. She likes cookies better than cake, anyway. So we've made time for some of what I planned, but I've missed spending the time with them that I had hoped for.

As for art, I'm beginning to think that I'm cursed. Everytime I sign up for swaps, something comes up. I had quit doing them for awhile because of this, but it had seemed to be where things were getting better, so I had gingerly started some again.
Maybe I'm just not meant to do them. I hope that there will be a little time before I have to go back to work to make a start on the 2 projects I've signed up for. When I'm working, with the 12 hour shifts and it being thirds, I don't feel very creative once I get home. Maybe the next week I'm off will be better. I really am an optimist, though I know I don't sound like one today. Sorry for the whining. I may come back and look at this later and delete it. Just feeling kind of discouraged this morning.


Beth said...

Oh Jilly,,I am so sorry about your Mom. And I know how disappointed you must feel to not get to spend much time with Holly.
And don't you worry about whining,,we all need to whine sometimes. I sure whined alot this past year when I was going through all the hospital stuff with my Mom. I HATE hospitals,,it just wears you out when you have to stay with a loved one.
I hope she got to go home today. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Big Hugs for you!!!

Holly said...

We very much enjoyed the time we got to spend with you this weekend! I am sorry you had to stay up at the hospital so much...I know you are tired! I think you should keep at it and continue those swaps as you always seem to be so happy when you get your items in return. I know you probably do not have a lot of time, but I hope that this gets better for you soon :) Thank you so much for the Christmas presents. You always do such a great job at picking out just the right items for each person. I really love the boxes and calendar as they make great additions to my bedroom. I know I will be very thankful for those gloves this week as well! :) Hope you have a great week!

Love you,

P.S. The birthday cookie was so yummy! It was very thoughtful and sweet of you to get that for me!

Kim's Treasures said...

So sorry things are so crazy for you! So glad your mom is feeling better now!

I know how you feel about the swaps...I've been wanting to do make something for a giveaway and every time it crosses my mind something happens...I keep thinking I will never have one again!

Hugs and have a good day!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Jill,

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I am reading your posts (backwards) and not commenting on every one, so I did see that things are looking up -- and that's a huge relief. I'll be thinking of you and her for continued recovery. You've all been through such a lot lately. You need a break.

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