Thursday, January 8, 2009


Unfortunately I don't feel timeless right now but timeworn, lol! But that is because I just finished my work week. I'm about to start my week off. Have to go help Mom this morning and take her to Urgent Care as she has a sore and swollen throat. She has never gotten over the injury to her left, non-stroke knee that happened at Thanksgiving either. After we get her over the sore throat, hopefully can talk her into going to an orthopedic doctor to see if something can be done. It always seems to be something. I wish she could be well, as she is not one of those people who is able to do good with sickness. She's not able to take any pain medications, including anti-imflammatory stuff. Won't take cold medicines. Everything hurts her stomach. So she suffers a lot when she is sick.

This picture is a scan of an altered book spread done with gessoed pages, wording cut from a magazine ad, stamping, and different kinds of ephemera.

Looking forward to the weekend. Holly and Chris will be coming in for a visit. This will kind of be Christmas with them and we will probably have birthday cake at some point as a late celebration of Holly's birthday.

I have some art projects that I hope to get to work on while I'm off, including some Valentine's cards and a spring flower book swap that are both due in February. Also, upcoming very soon, January 19th, I will be participating again in the One World, One Heart giveaway. I've posted the new logo on the right hand side of my blog which will take you to the page explaining the project. I have something made already for my giveaway. I will be posting about it after the blog giveaway starts.


Holly said...

I look forward to the visit too! YAY! :) I hope things get better soon. I know you have had to deal with a lot. I will be praying for the whole situation. Please pray for my first day in the school tomorrow!

Love you,

Beth said...

Oh,,I can't wait for the OWOH to start. That was fun last year. I won at 2 blogs but only recieved one prize. But thats ok,,I still loved being in it.
Hope you have fun with Holly and Chris this week-end!

Jeanie said...

This layout is beautiful. And I'm glad you got to spend time with Holly!

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