Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few more pet photos

My youngest dd, Holly, wanted me to be sure to post pictures of Casper. This was "her" cat that was staying at the popular pet attraction known as Mom & Dad's Animal Shelter while she was in college. The plan was supposed to be that we would keep Casper until Holly was where she could have a pet, thus allowing Holly to "visit" her cat without any of the bothersome niceties like feeding, litterbox emptying, grooming, etc. Yes, we do seem to have a pattern of this around here! Unfortunately, Casper managed to slip out one night without me realizing it when I took the doggies for a walk. By the time I realized he was missing, it was too late and my inlaw's dog had killed him. That dog has a killing instinct, not toward people, but especially toward cats. I was very upset and cried for several days.

Well, these pictures are in memory of Casper, also known as "Meepers". Don't remember why. My family has a habit of making up names for people and animals. A description or a nickname is modified and then that word is modified and so it goes until several funny names are derived. For example, Holly was a mischievous child and we called her "messy Marvin" then somehow "Harvin' Marvin" and sometimes just Marvin. Holly is the most prone to do this modifying. So she has such names for all of us and the pets, too. On my bulletin board right now, there is a note from her that reads "Sparka Farka, I sure do love you!" signed Marvin. I am Sparka Farka and I don't even remember the derivation of that. Another example, Angel is Angel Pangel and therefore sometimes just Pangels.

These are some more pictures from the disposable cameras I had developed and were taken by Holly at the friend's house that she got Casper from. The one in the middle was of him in a mullet wig and I had to do some work to try to get it plainer and it's still not too good. The flash was too bright, but you get the idea of the poor cat's humiliation. From the pictures, too, I think you can see what a funny personality he had. We still miss you, Meepers! Edited to add: This happened a couple of years ago, but in the process of posting photos of the pets we have now, it caused us to talk about past pets and to laugh about Casper's funniness, so we wanted to post his photo, too.


Holly said...

My sweet Meepers! I am so glad you posted these pics Sparky! I LOVE THEM AND THEY MADE MY DAY! I sure do miss that cat. :( Hope you are having a great day!

Love you,

Jeanie said...

Oh, this makes me so sad. What a beautiful animal. I'm glad you posted some images to remember him by.

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