Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bird embroidery

Here is a scan of the finished piece. The only thing I don't like is my birdie kinda looks mean, like a miniature hawk swallow. It's the eye area. I worked with it some, but couldn't get a sweeter look. If and when I start making it into an art quilt, I'll keep you posted. Like I said earlier, plan on antiquing the background fabric so it won't look so starkly white and of course, ironing it, unlike I did before doing this scan, lol.


Beth said...

I still like it even if you think it looks mean. Check out my post of our yard sale this week-end and check out my first customer!
Can't wait to see how your going to do the art quilt!!

Jeanie said...

This is lovely Jill -- I have NO patience for embroidery, but seeing something like this makes me think perhaps I should try again. It's beautiful.

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