Thursday, May 15, 2008

Upon observing daisies...

I have a bed of daisies growing now. I lost most of my perennials several years ago to the blight caused by my husband going wild with the Roundup after me telling him to wait on me or let me spray the stuff myself. His explanation of spraying everything in sight was it all looked like weeds to him. Sigh! Well, I am slowly getting my flower beds back in some kind of order. Slowly due mostly to life circumstances the last few years and my not having the interest or time to maintain or work in them like I should.

This year the daisies were very pretty and I picked a bouquet to welcome my dd Emily this past Saturday. My dh flew out to Texas to ride back home with her as she travelled back to Alabama to start the new job she found in Tuscaloosa this week. Lucky for her that he did as they had a flat tire in Mississippi. We will be flying out the last weekend in this month to move them totally back to Alabama. Her dh, their doggie, and almost all their stuff is still in Texas. We will be glad for them to be closer.

Well, to the reason for the title of this post. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. Perhaps because they bloom in spring and I love that time of year. Something about them makes me smile when I look at them. Still if asked I would have said they were one of the most uniform of flowers- white petals, yellow button centers, all appearing alike in their beds of blooms. When cutting the daisies for this bouquet, I began to notice they were each unique. Notice in the closeup the one with the chubby button center and little stubby white petals. Then there is the one where the petals are long and slender and almost paired off as they circle around. There are petals with pointy ends and others perfectly rounded, while others have squarish tips. Even the middles aren't the same. While some are mounded up like the cute little chubby daisy, some are more flat and "mum"ish in appearance. Made me stop and think. About how we categorize, standardize, and think we have everything or everyone figured out. But if we take the time to look at individuals, we'll see the special beauty of that one single bloom.

I wish I was able to express in beautiful poetic words or take breathtaking pictures, but that is not my gift, I guess. Maybe I've been able to convey what I felt well enough.


Beth said...

I LOVE Daisys too. I had to dig up some at my old house to move up to the new house. And I love what you wrote about them, to me what wrote was a form of poetry! Hope you have a fun week-end with Emily! And Happy Late Mothers Day!

Jeanie said...

That's a very thoughtful observation! I'll have to look when mine begin to bloom. If they ever bloom... it seems like warm weather will never arrive today -- even the sunny days are cool, and rain to come! Your daisies look awfully pretty in that pot/vase!

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