Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby Maximus

These were some of the pictures I just had developed, taken when Max was a pup(except the top one, I was taking some to take a roll up on one of the cameras). He is now 6 years old. Was he not the CUTEST puppy? Looking back at these I can see why he pulled on our heartstrings at the animal shelter. He lay there all quiet and still, a fluffy ball of fur, and we were taken in, thinking he would be a calm, sweet dog. We had the sweet part right, but as soon as we got him home, he was a bundle of flat-out puppy energy. They told us he was a sheltie mix, so thought he would be a smaller dog, but there is definitely retriever in him, so he ended up being bigger than we expected, but not too big. He chewed his way through the house, including socks, eyeglasses, shoes, & paper. The chewing was mostly a puppy thing, thankfully, but he still loves to play as you can see from the playful expression in the first picture of him, taken a few weeks ago in the backyard. He lives in eternal hope when outside that I will take off running and play the chase game and I will oblige occasionally. Inside he also loves to bring a "moo" which is what we call his toys for a game of fetch or catch.

Someone might be wondering why I don't give equal time to pictures of Angel as a puppy, but unfortunately we didn't have her then. Emily found her at the animal shelter in Tuscaloosa and it would be sad if there are pics of her as she was then. The previous owners had neglected and/or abused her as she was skin and bones and they had to shave her hair to get the matts off. You can't tell by looking at her chubby little self now! Angel is the sweetest dog I have ever been around and I don't know how anyone was ever mean to her. We're not sure how old she is, but she is losing her teeth now and also her vision is not what it should be, but we will love her as long as we are blessed to. You might ask why, if she was Emily's dog, she is living at our home? Yes, that IS a good question! While Em was busy with classes and a job, it became too much to take care of a dog, so she ended up at Mom & Dad's. I'm sure lots of parents can identify with this tale.

Bama, the cat, is also an Emily rescue from Tuscaloosa. Someone moved off and left her at the apartment complex she lived in, so Em and her friend, Kaci adopted her. Presently we are supposed to be serving as a temporary home until Emily gets a house in Tuscaloosa. They couldn't have 2 animals at their apartment in Texas or so we were told? Well, guess we'll see how long the Mom & Dad animal shelter keeps her, lol!

We have also been home to a cat for Holly, a funny, so-ugly-it-was-cute, smashed face, white Persian named Casper. He loved me and had the most unusual personality. I'll have to look for and post a photo of him, in memory, as sadly he slipped outside when I wasn't looking a few years ago and was killed by a dog. We still miss him.

I know people always think their pets and kids are the greatest, so pardon my rambling on about mine. Since it's my blog, maybe I'm allowed?

I'm still thinking about the prize, but have decided definitely to have a giveaway with the 50th post. Will be finalizing details to have ready for that post.


Holly said...

I love the pictures! I brightened my very stressful day! Please include the mullet pic of Casper as well as some others. I sure do miss that cat...poor thing :( Thanks for blogging...I was about to fuss at you again! LOVE YOU!


Beth said...

Max is a great looking dog. How could any one get rid of him when he was the cutest pup. And how can any one mistreat animals. So sad and so sick.

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