Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home, sweet, home?

Hhmm! Don't seem to be spending much time in it lately! But it has been for good reasons. My oldest, Emily, phoned on Friday to say that she had a job interview lined up here in Alabama. I think I have failed to post that she and her dh are wanting to move back from Texas to Tuscaloosa. They found that, while they like the Fort Worth area and have made some wonderful friends, they miss being closer to family. She flew in Sat. morning, so my dh and I went down to pick her up from the airport. She went with me to my Mom's on Sat. afternoon to help Mom with some replanting of some flowers and some work around her house. Then on Sunday, our church choir and some members of our church travelled to Montgomery to sing at our sister church there, Rosa Parks Church of God. It was a lovely, lovely service and they fed us some wonderful food afterward. We were gone most of the day Sunday and then on Monday we took Emily down to Tuscaloosa for her interview and to see my youngest dd, Holly and her dh, who are still in college. BTW, Holly has fussed at me for not blogging more faithfully. Evidently she is my most faithful reader!

Emily got the job! So that was great! We were late getting back home last night and it was early to rise this morning, both for her and for me. She to fly back home and me, back to the grindstone. I don't plan on being up too late tonight!

Today's picture is another of the postage stamp pages done for a chunky book swap.

I am approaching my 50th post soon and am thinking about doing a giveaway, but am not sure if there will be enough interest. Then again, if someone is kind enough to visit my blog, they should be rewarded. I was thinking of a collage pack, but if non-artists enter, I'll have to rethink the prize, I guess.

I will post when I decide what I'm going to do!


Holly said...

I want to win! :) I am so glad you have finally posted. I have missed reading your wonderful blogs. I think I checked three times today to see if you had posted anything and was glad to find you had tonight. Hope you had a wonderful day at work! Glad I got to see you and Dadders yesterday (and Emily too)! Love you!


Beth said...

No, Holly you can't win,,I want to win!!! Just kidding. I am glad your baby is coming back home to be closer. I know you have missed her. I Love the postage stamp for the chunky book.

Jeanie said...

Congrats to Emily! I love what you did with the pathway on the stamp!

Good to get back to the blogs I've missed this week and to start posting again! Take care!

KeRobinson said...

I LOVE this Kentucky stamp collage!
What do we have to do to win that? LOL! Do you sell it somewhere?

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