Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where's Mama?

This is a picture of Maximus that my girl's took once when they were dogsitting for us while we were gone on a trip and they opened the door and asked him the question, "where's Mama, Max?" and, bless his heart, this is him as he peered out the door looking for his Mama. Wasn't that mean of them?

Mama and Dad have lived through the tax appointment. It was not good news, but we were expecting to have to pay anyway. To celebrate surviving it and because I've been dying to go camping at least once this spring, we are leaving tomorrow sometime to go take our RV to Point Mallard Park in Decatur for a long weekend there. We're going to have Mom situated OK, I hope, and if something comes up, we won't be that far away. Max and Angel get to go with us. This was one of the selling points of getting an RV to us, that our doggies could go, too. Max loves it, but Angel just tolerates it. She is old and I think she feels disoriented because her vision is not good anymore and she doesn't know where she is. While Max doesn't like riding in the car, he seems to do better in dh's truck which, of course, is what we drive to pull the trailer and he loves that he doesn't get left behind while Mom and Dad leave. I told him we were going day before yesterday when I was cleaning in the camper and he jumped in, sat on the couch, and looked at me, like I'm ready to go.

I plan on taking some books, art supplies, music, and a few DVD's that I've not yet had a chance to watch. It may be stormy tomorrow night, so we'll have to keep watch on the weather. Otherwise, we should enjoy beautiful Alabama spring days. It may be cool enough Saturday night that we can have a fire outside if we find a fire pit reasonable enough to purchase. The campsite where we are going doesn't have it's own fire pits in the ground, so I want to get one of those portable ones. We could enjoy it at home, as well.

I'm taking my computer, but not sure if they have wireless access or not. If not, won't be able to check in until sometime Monday evening.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jeanie said...

Have a great time. You remind me about the tax thing!

Jeanie said...

Enjoy! Anytime you can take your art supplies, you'll always have lovely things to do!

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