Thursday, April 24, 2008

Think pink

Finally finished the pink art piece for Jo Anne's pink art swap. You can click on the thingie on the side(forgot what it is called) and it will take you to her lovely blog and the info about the swap. It was mailed off this morning. Hope she likes it. As you can see it is hand-stitched, since I've not conquered my fear of the sewing machine yet. This started as a piece of fabric from a vintage pillowcase which I then embellished with ribbon, felt leaf, sequins, beads, embroidery. The main flower was made from some strips of sheer pink fabric. On looking at the scan, I realize that I forgot to go back and rescan after I added some pink dots here and there. You'll be able to see it at Jo Ann's blog once she receives it. I decided right before mailing it that it needed a little something more.

It has been a few days since I posted. Just finished up my weekend to work and it seems like I was home very little the last week. One of the things I have accomplished has been to start getting my old rolls of film developed. This is part of my goal to begin to get myself more organized. In this instance, I have SEVERAL rolls of 35 mm film, some 110 from a camera my dd had, and did have 4 disposable cameras that needed to be developed. When they were originally taken, I would often not have the time or money at the same time to get them taken care of and then it just got to be something I forgot about most of the time. I took the 4 cameras to Walmart yesterday and had the pictures put on cds only. This way, I can see what is on the film(as I don't know for sure anymore). Of course, I was not smart enough to label the film canisters or anything when they were taken. This only cost 4.23 per roll, so not too bad. Next I'm going to start in on the film, a few rolls at a time. These yielded some pics of Max when he was just a puppy which means those were taken 6 years ago! Sadly, I have film that is older than that. I may post one of the puppy pictures here. Max was so cute!

After I get the film on CD and print out the ones I want, then I plan to get started organizing all the pictures which are now just in storage boxes or in a cabinet all willy-nilly. Maybe, I'll be able to incorporate my own photos and family into my art and perhaps do some art projects for family members using the photos.

Oh, well, baby steps are steps after all and better than no forward progress at all!


Holly said...

That is really pretty Mom! I love it! :) You did a great job!

Beth said...

Wow,the Pink piece is awesome. I Love Pink! I have to do the same thing with some film and disposable cameras. I have a drawer full of both. I know I will get a little sad because alot of them are of the kids when they were young and at home. Hope you have a great week.

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