Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

I'm starting it off recovering from either food poisoning or a stomach virus. Whatever it is not completely gone yet. We have an appointment to get our taxes done this afternoon, so yesterday in between trips to the bathroom I was working on that. I had already gathered all the papers together, but still had to work on totals. Actually, I still have a few more things to finish up, but didn't feel like sitting in front of the computer to use the calculator yesterday. Our's wouldn't be so bad, but we have the flea market booth and there is a good bit of paperwork that admittedly should be done as the year goes along. I have to admit that I hate that part of any self employment type business. Keeping up with totals and figures just does not appeal to whatever brain type I have. So, while I have an excuse for most of the year last year, being busy working and helping out with my parents and their illnesses, the truth is I could do better with this than I do. I do have an organizational plan for this next year which should help.

Enough of droning on about my problems! Due to various reasons, some already described above, and to me having to work this past weekend, nothing at all going on artistically for me. So another past work is pictured today. This is a collage/assemblage piece I did in 2006 for my oldest dd, Emily, and her husband, Craig, as a wedding present. Has nothing to do with it being April Fool's Day, lol. Just too lazy to search the web for an appropriate picture to go with the day. My youngest dd, who is kind enough to read my blog, happened to be home with her digital camera so we could take a photo of it. I did one for Holly and her husband as well, totally different than this, but don't think there is a picture of it so that I can be fair and share that as well. Didn't get my digital camera until last year. This was made on an old drawer piece that I saved from some old drawers that were in a broken down chest of drawers that had belonged to hubby's grandparents. Then there are different elements that represent them, their interests, and then just the symbolism of the 2 birds on the vintage game card, building a home together. Sorry the photo is not as good as it could be, but if you click on it and enlarge, you can see the details a little better.

Hope you all have a great day and don't get too many tricks played upon you!


Beth said...

Love the collage! Stomach virus and taxes,,ugh. I sure hope your feeling better soon! Happy April Fools day to you too!

Jeanie said...

Golly, I've been blog-absent for a bit, running to stay in place. Know what you mean about the parent-caring; all that and not feeling good. Hope all is well soon!

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