Monday, April 7, 2008

More pictures

These photos were made on Sunday. Although the view was beautiful, if this had been summertime instead of spring, the mosquitos would have probably been unbearable. We have learned this will be a place to go to during dry weather only.


Jeanie said...

What sweet faces your animal friends have!

Beth said...

Oh, you went to Point Mallard. I grew up right up the road from Point Mallard on Pennylane. I always had a pass to PM in the summer and rode my bike there every day. Lots of memories there.
Your pics are great and the furbabies are sweeties. Glad you had a good time, nice to get away sometimes isn't it?

Beth said...

Oh,,forgot to tell you , there are mosquitos there but they use to spray that area so they weren't too bad, don't know if they still do or not.

Holly said...

I of course love the pics of Max and Angel! I really love the picture at the top too. I don't know what you are talking about when you say you are not a good photographer. That is a great nature picture! :)

Emmey said...

Mom, I have already left you another comment but I wanted you to check out my blog that I created. Not as cute as yours, but I'll learn my way around.

(p.s. now you get to see how many times I miss spell words, ahahahahaha)

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