Monday, April 7, 2008

Home from camping

We had a good time, even though we did seem to be swimming upstream to be able to get gone on Friday. Little things kept going wrong outside of the weather, which was very crummy. Downtown Cullman was hit by some straight line winds which caused a fair amount of damage and a gasoline leak which created some travel problems. I had to go help Mom out before we could be gone out of town and then we had a part break on the camper and had to drive to get a replacement before we could leave. It ended up being late in the day Friday before we got there and got set up. We have found out that Point Mallard is not the ideal campsite to go to after a good bit of rain. We haven't dealt with that much yet since after we got our camper, last May, there was no rain.

The pictures above in this post are of the area right behind our camper and were taken on Saturday. It was overcast on that day and not very warm, but then Sunday was a beautiful day and I got to sit outside and read and enjoy the view. I wish I had taken a camera when I first went out, because I had thrown out some leftover popcorn for the birds and a squirrel came right up behind my chair with me sitting in it to eat. It was only a foot away from me. My dd, Holly, loves squirrels, so I went in to get my camera and of course, it ran away. It did come back but not close enough to take it's photo. I did take some pictures with the sun out and some of Max and Angel in the camper. You can see the difference in the blooming of the flowers from the overcast day to the sunny one. I know I'm not the greatest photographer, but I've read that the only way to get any better is to just take a lot of pictures, so I'll just share as I go along.

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Emily said...

Love the pictures Mom. Max looking out the window looks like a white Coal!!! lol Moemoe misses you. BTW, your oldest dd looks at your blog too, I just don't kiss your butt about it like your youngest dd. hahahaha, j/k. I love you Mom, and no matter what you say, I think you did a great job with the pics.

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