Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A spot in my home

This is the area over my computer desk. Having dialup, I'm still anchored to the desktop computer when using the internet, for now, anyway. The desk sits in the corner of the kitchen and this is the present arrangement of stuff. I tend to do this kind of thing with no planning, just putting some items together. Hey, kind of like I do my art, lol! The colorful one is the lefthand wall and the all natural color one is the right hand wall. Tastefully not shown is the cluttered bulletin board to the right of the shadow box. I may try to show a few carefully photographed spots here and there. I enjoy looking at them on other blogs. I just noticed after I looked back at the pictures after posting that at the time I took the picture of the wooden box that I had plunked my glass cutter in the stork planter. It's no longer there and was not in there for any decorative purpose.

Yesterday we got a long row of tomatoes plants in the garden and the site preparation before that. It was a new garden spot, so we had to rake and remove all the grass clumps after my dh had plowed and tilled it. We still have all our seeds to plant, but are trying to borrow a cultivator until we can get one of our own or a tiller. I'm kind of sore from the raking and the stooping to put the plants in the ground.


Jeanie said...

I especially love your beachy things. I'm a sucker for anything on the beach!

I got two tomato plants in the other day -- I have to plant in very large pots because I have really lousy dirt (clay). And a couple of peppers. This weekend will be the big visit to the market for starter plants. I flunked seeds.

Beth said...

Love your "spot light" on your spot. I Like the way you did the arrangements. I am so tired of working in my yard. I am bruised, scratched, bitten, and poisoned ivy and sore all over. I have been bringing alot of my flowers up from the old house. I think tonite I will rest and see who wins American Idol.

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