Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all Mothers who will read this. I am at work today and it is a pretty hectic day, regretfully, but that does make the time pass more quickly. Plan to go visit with my Mom after work today and take her present to her. I found for her some reading aids as she is still having trouble with her right arm and it hinders her when she tries to hold a book with her left arm mostly doing the work. She loves to read. A friend recommended this thumb thingie that I found at Booksamillion, a small plastic device that slips on the end of your thumb and has tabs sticking out on either side that hold the book pages. I also got her a leather book weight and a lap desk. There was a cool plastic lap desk designed specifically for book reading, but it was kind of complicated with lots of little clamps and wire props and when I tried to use it with just one hand it was awkward so I decided to stick to simple. I was thinking if we see it will help, I can make 2 large elastic bands to color coordinate with the lap desk that could be slipped on to hold the pages and/or book down. We'll see how it works with what I got her first. Got my dmil a gift card so she can buy herself some clothes. She has lost a good bit of weight and needs some.

I'll post when I have more time about what I received myself.

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