Thursday, May 8, 2008

Journal pages

I thought today I'd share a few journal pages. My scanner bed is pretty small, so I have to scan one page at a time. For the bottom pair, this layout began with the watercolor painted book page on the right hand side and I used the colors(which were painted on a whim as I went through an old school teacher's book, playing with watercolors) to cue from and then added scraps of paper, paint, and gesso. Also marking with pencils and markers. Above that is a layout which came out of me marking with my markers on pages just to see if the markers still wrote so I could cull the bad ones. I was going to tear the pages out, but decided I'd challenge myself to try to work with them, so I added a few more marks, colored detail with markers, scraps of greeting cards, and ink pen journaling. These are all in one of my composition book journals.

I'm caught up right now on all projects that have to be mailed out. Last night and some today I worked some more on an altered children's board book that I had started and put to the side. It's one of those in the shape of hands. Since it's in the works, I'll not share scans or pictures of it, until it is more completed. It is going to be about the creation. I wasn't sure when it was first began what it was going to be. Was just playing around trying to actually alter a board book, instead of just dreaming about doing it, and after completing the cover(which I'm pretty pleased with) that is what it said it needed to be, a book about the world's creation. So more on that project later, if it turns out suitable enough to share.

I'm still thinking about the giveaway, which will be in a few posts! One option I'm leaning toward is the collaged piece from this post. It will either be this or a collage/assemblage pack. I'm making up my mind. Depending on the day of my 50th post, I'll probably put a day about a week away from it as the deadline for entering.

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Holly said...

I love those first two pages! They remind me of school! :) You know when I have my own classroom, you are going to be really busy drawing, painting, assembling, and decorating! Go ahead and prepare yourself :)

Love you,

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