Thursday, July 10, 2008

A few bargains

While off today, went shopping for my Mom's birthday presents, and since I don't like real shopping where you have to pay full price for your purchases, I rewarded myself with a trip to the S.A. store afterwards. Had a little time to kill before getting a haircut. Not many things, but what I got was cheap. I did my part for the handicapped thrift store items today. The wooden tray was the most expensive thing at $2. It's missing one of the feet and so is the small jewelry box, which was only $1. I'm seeing the tray repainted with the remaining feet removed, possibly looking classy in a coat of black, shabby chic with some chippy white or pastel paint, decoupaged or with mosaics. In the future of the jewelry box there will also be paint and/or decoupage to remake it into a miniature chest of drawers, most likely in the shabby-style or altered-art-looking. There is also a Tupperware egg separator for one of my dd's. It was only a quarter. Also pictured are the first squash from our garden. So far we've gotten radishes and my dfil has picked a few hot peppers he planted.

The needlepoint Christmas stocking kit was only $1 and was complete with the thread unopened. Now if a fairy would come along and stitch it for me! I say that because my vision has changed, not I don't think to middle-aged farsightedness, because I can see things up close, just not as well with my present glasses prescription. Stitching the stocking would be a challenge right now. Also because of this I didn't realize the little decoupaged china egg has a crack on one side until I got home in better light. I really do need to remember to get an appointment lined up.

I've been off 2 days, so no idea what's going on a work. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when I go back. This is my 4 day work weekend coming up. Yesterday was busy helping Mom with several errands in town. Today I'm running my errands. Need to go pull the remaining radishes when the little thunder boomer blows over.


Holly said...

Hi! You had some cool finds at the SA store. The egg thing is MINE because I called it first :) Hope you have a great day at work.

Love you,

Holly said...

P.S. The squash is mine too :)

Jeanie said...

Good finds! We're having a bit of rain here ourselves -- maybe a trip to Goodwill is in order!

vintagemoonstudio said...

Hi Jill - please visit my blog for a little surprise for you!

Beth said...

You found some goodies at the SA. I haven't found alot there lately.
The squash looks yummy,,love fresh squash. We finally got a good soaking rain saturday night and part of the day sunday. Hope work went ok this week-end!

Holly said...

You have not posted in 4 days...I am having withdrawals!

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