Thursday, July 31, 2008

More goodies

Shown above are the 3 beautiful atcs I received in the mail from Susan Kurz who is in the atc_group on Yahoo with me. She graciously agreed to a 3/3 swap with me. I've got my fronts done, but lack a finishing touch or 2 and mine will be in the mail to her. Aren't these so, so lovely! Mine have ended up being a black and white trio that are kind of different, so I hope she likes them.

The other goodies are some of the buys bought at the Goodwill in Decatur last Saturday while camping. As I've mournfully remarked before, ours in Cullman is long gone, so since we were up that way I managed to get dh to swing by there. The ribbon was in 2 baggies at $2 each and all the butterflies, which will be good assemblage pieces, were in a bag with a tiny cowbell and a watermelon slice for $1.25. Underneath is the nice frame with glass that was only $2. The black purse was also $2, I think, and the tan bag which I'm using now was $3. There were a few other goodies, as well, and I also found an Ace Hardware store which carries some of the annealed and copper wire needed to attempt the jewelry projects in Stephanie Lee's jewelry book I purchased previously. We don't have an Ace store in Cullman. And in Ross's I bought a pasta maker for $11 to use for polymer clay. As usual, I'm all over the place with my interests!

Made it through my first night back on 3rd shift, but it was a long night. Very busy and a lot to catch up on and remember to do. About to get ready to leave out for my 2nd night. My sleeping is messed up right now. I couldn't sleep very well today. Maybe it will be better tomorrow.


Kim's Treasures said...

You found some great goodies while camping! The ATC's are very pretty! You will have to post yours when they are done! I wanted you to know that I mailed your boxes yesterday!!!! So they should be arriving soon :-)
Hope you have better luck sleeping...hang in will get easier!

Holly said...

Gosh, you really did get a lot of stuff from the Goodwill! I love those purses too!

I hope you get better rest today! Oh...and those atc's are pretty!

Love you,

Beth said...

You got some great bargains in Decatur! I have some plastic butterflys like those that you bought,,they look good out in the yard hanging on posts or what not.
Love the bags too. I sure hate that your having to work that 3rd shift. I never have worked 3rds but my brother did for so many years and I know its hard on your body. Hope you can change back soon. Your in the drawing for the correct bug name!

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