Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am being greatly blessed lately!

Normally, as I've stated previously, I don't win giveaways or contests, BUT I've won a blog giveaway at Kim's Treasures ! I know, isn't that unbelievable! I've told her that maybe I need to recheck my identity, lol! Click on the name of her blog to go to post with the picture of the giveaway and click here to see the cool way she picked the winner. Very generous prizes, too! Thanks so much, Kim! Check her blog out while you're there, she posts some beautiful photos of her flowers and some great thrifting finds. Also, check out the yo-yo's she made. Now thanks to Kim, I'm going to HAVE to go buy a yo-yo maker! These are so cute and they sound easy with the the little yo-yo maker thingie.

We just got back from a camping trip to Point Mallard, Decatur. It was so busy at work and otherwise that I didn't get a chance to post about us being gone and there is no internet at the campsite. Had a wonderful time. It was a chance for a get away before I start working third shift tomorrow night. The mosquitoes were out full force, let me tell you! I normally don't get bitten that much and in 30 minutes outside Saturday evening, they had a feast of me! We didn't have repellant at that point(I thought we did) and I don't really like to use it anyway, but we ran to a store and got some. I'm still fighting the urge to scratch the multiple bites on my legs, arms, and feet. They even bit my fingers and toes! Nasty little creatures! We did a little shopping here and there, including a trip to the Goodwill, the finds from which I'll post about later.

Pictured today are some of the hand carved stamps I've made from simple erasers. Some were made recently and others previously. Sorry the photos are a little dark. Being the tight wad that I am, I carve on the back of the rubber so I get 2 for 1. One picture shows the front and the other what is on the back. They are fun to do, but I have to be very careful with my Exacto knives. I tend to concentrate on what I'm cutting and not where my fingers are in relationship to the blade and have cut the fingers more than once! You can see I stink at stamping, though! Some of the stamp pads are drying out, I think, so I'll blame some of it on that. I just noticed that on one which had a diamond pattern on one side and a swirl pattern on the other, that I forgot to turn the stamp over to show the carving with the swirl. You can also see that I didn't remember I had a carving of an arrow and did another one. Oh well, they are a little different from each other.

I have a lot more to post about, including some beautiful atc's I received in the mail while I was gone. I still need to work on the 3 I'm sending back, so I'll save that for tomorrow.


Kim's Treasures said...

Thank you sweet Jill for your "plug" of my blog! I'm excited for you to receive the packages (yes 2...can't find a bigger box). The packages will be in tomorrow's mail! Thanks again for making me feel like I won with your sweet comments! Looking forward to seeing your photos! You are brave to carve your own stamps! I would probably cut my fingers off!
Have a great day!

Beth said...

Ok, Ms. Lucky Jill,,,you come over to my blog and enter my contest,,but you got to know your bugs, being a Bama girl I bet you will know. I grew up at Pointe Mallard. Lived right down the street from it,,I had a pass every summer to pools and I rode my bike there every day. And there are alot of mosquitoes on that river,,they use to spray for them in our neighborhood there, thats how bad they are.
I Love your stamps you made,,thats on my list to try too. Lucky you for winning on Kim's blog,,gotta go check her blog out. Thanks for all your prayers for my step-dad!

Holly said...

YAY for winning AGAIN!

I hope you have a great night back on 3rds again!

Love you,

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