Monday, July 21, 2008

Surprise in the mail today

I had to post again to show everyone the lovely prize I got in the mail today. In the atc_group I'm in on Yahoo, I participated in a contest to guess the lineage of one of the member's pets. She sent off one of the pet DNA tests on her new doggy. Well, some of us were partially right, but none of us guessed entirely correctly, so Jane assigned a number to each participant and,unbelievably, my number was chosen. I say "unbelievably" because in my family lineage there is a joke about "Parker luck" or the lack thereof.

The prize was this beautiful handcrafted piece of art which I received today! And to top it off Jane had it stuffed full of lots of lovely ephemera! I will be putting the ephemera to use right away to make some atc's. How wonderful that they are already cut out and ready to use! Thanks so much, Jane! I was truly a lucky winner!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,
Your dog Max looks so much like my last dog Sassy. Sassy was my favorite dog of all time. She was a golden mix.
Jane W. from the group

Beth said...

Oh, Lucky Jilly!!! Jane sends the best surprises!!! If she comes to see us in the fall you have to come up and hang out with us all!!!
Can't wait to see the ATCs that your going to make! My Step-dad's surgery is going to be Thursday afternoon. Thanks for your sweet prayers!

Holly said...

Hi Moms!
Another post....YAY!!!! It is crazy that you actually won something via a! Jane did send a beautiful and wonderful surprise! Hope you have a great day at work!

Love you,

Jeanie said...

Wow! I should have played -- but I never would have come close! You are lucky indeed! Jane's work is really nice and this is all super-fun!

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Jill!
Congratulations you won my giveaway! I have sent you an email to get your address! Thanks for being a blogging friend!
Have a great day!

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