Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There have been better days

Today's picture of Max shows how I've been feeling this week. Holly took this of him last weekend when I guess he was mad about Emily's dog, Coal, being here and the fact that the house was full of people, but who still weren't home very much. Max would prefer his Mom to sit all day right by him on the couch or at least spend sizable stretches of time in such laziness and that happens very rarely. He also gets mad whenever we aren't home very much, as he wants his people to be with him. This is how he looks at me when I leave for work in the mornings or on Sundays when he sees we are all getting ready for church.

The reason I've been feeling this way has been due to work situations. We found out Monday morning that a number of hospital employees were being laid off/let go. I work at a small community hospital, with about 200 or so workers. Six losing their jobs were from the lab department where I work. While most were on the books as part time, 4 of them worked a sizable number of hours to help cover us being open 24/7. So while I am thankful I still have a job, it was very sad to see people losing their's, very emotionally draining, feeling guilty for having a job when someone else doesn't. Last night I kept crying every time I let myself think about it very long. Also, our supervisor told us he was turning in his notice and that at least one other worker is leaving as well. This means those of us left will have to figure out a way to keep covering hours and keep "keeping on" without the benefit of leadership. So very unsettling times. Not knowing for sure when I'll be working or how things will be.

I feel a little better this evening. I know God will take care of us and if He closes one door, He'll open another. Just being human, sometimes life will just get to you for a while.


Holly said...

I am sorry you are having to go through this at work. Change is always very unsettling to me too...I guess I know where I get it :) I know God will take care of you and your work situation and I will be praying. Hope you have a great day off!

Love you,

P.S. I have to say...I normally don't do a very good job of taking pictures, but that picture is not too bad :)

Beth said...

Oh Jill,,I sure can relate to your post. I am having the same problems at my job. The state has stepped to our School system because Metro Schools couldn't meet the benchmarks for "no child left behind". Alot people are losing their jobs right now. I am lucky to keep mine but I am getting alot of extra work put on me this year and no pay raise to show appreciation for it. I am pretty down about it. It just seems like life isn't letting up on me right now. I figure its just a rough patch in the road but that God will smooth it out for me soon.
I know he will for you too!
Times are tough right now but they will get better, thats what I keep telling myself.
Big Hugs!!!!

Jeanie said...

I feel sad for you and your colleagues. That's hard, and I expect we will probably deal with it soon enough at the station. I know that ambiguity of gratitude and sadness for others. And, it will be harder on those left, too. We never seem to replace positions when people leave and the to-do lists get longer and longer.

Holly said...

Today, I feel like Max looks in this picture :(

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