Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something on Sunday

Thought I'd better post, otherwise Holly will be fussing at me. Things have continued to be busy until yesterday when I got to stay home an entire day. Of course, I threatened my dh not to plan on my doing anything that required me to leave home. Our life is full of irony, as he loves to go and see and do, while I am a fairly solitary person by nature, craving time alone when I've not had any or just to be in my own space. I work with the public and he is self-employed as a chicken farmer. So when I get home, he wants us to do SOMETHING, while after a 10+ hour work day, I just want to stay at HOME. We have enough give and take, well, for the most part(one of us more than the other, perhaps, hmmm) that we do ok with each other.

Today's photos are of the previously mentioned Moody Blues album cover turned into a journal front. It is a sketchbook and too big to fit on the scanner so my apologies for the poor photo color. It going to be my homage to my favorite color blue. I've only done a few pages and one of the spreads is also shown. This is the very first one and the left hand page is the one where I took titles from the album to make the sentence, Meanwhile Days In My World Veteran Cosmic Rocker. Not sure what that means, except that I'm feeling old, perhaps,lol! The right hand page is the one with the blue girls face. I used pieces of magazine pages so there is a little glare in the photo, sorry. Also used gesso, paint, markers to make the waves of hair which go from her head over to the other page. Pretty weird, huh? Sometimes my true inner self comes out!

Also shown is a bird nest with some eggs that I painted. When Holly finished her birdhouse there was leftover blue and bronze paint. Being the thrifty tightwad that I am, I grabbed up some unpainted wooden eggs from my stash of such. To make the spots on the eggs I took a wooden skewer and broke it into, using the pointed broken end to make the dots. Varying the pressure made the spots bigger or smaller. I was pretty proud of how real they looked, so I wanted to share my happy accidental painting tool.

I always forget to load my photos in the opposite order, so just pretend that the cover of the album is the top picture.


Holly said...

Cool art! I am happy to see where those bird eggs ended up! I am glad you got a day to yourself. Sorry I did not get to give you a call this weekend. I will call you sometime today. I hope you enjoy your day off!

Love you so much,

P.S. Thank you for posting! I was happy to have something to read this morning! :)

Beth said...

Those are wonderful pages for that book! I Love all of them! I can so relate to what you said about staying home and having time to yourself. I crave that all the time. Here lately its not been happenning and I miss my solitude.
I am going to post the award that you gave me today,,Thanks so much for that!!!!

Jeanie said...

This is beautiful -- everything and the bird nest piece in particular. Golly, you're productive! You are becoming my new role model -- but don't ask me to live up to it for awhile, OK?!

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