Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some organizational tips from Jill?!?

Gasp, some of you are saying! I know, I heard it all the way here! But here are a couple that I have right by my desktop computer. I use the vintage(has to be seventies, don't ya think?) basket purse to hold some computer software and manuals. I love to collect pottery planters and try to use them in different ways for display or storage. Here this little green piece makes a great holder for note cards.

In case you're wondering about the books. These are some books that I borrowed that need to be returned to the owner and are here only so I won't get them mixed up in my books. I want to go back and read some of the Boxcar Children original books, but the coworker I borrowed these 3 from, didn't have the 1st one and I was wanting to read them in order. Thought for sure the library would have them all, but they didn't have the first one either. I should just break down and buy them myself, but was trying to be frugal first.

To include a little art stuff, here are a pair of journal pages from my glue book journal, an altered composition notebook. This spread started with a note card a friend from work gave me because she thought I would do something with it. There were 3 different ones, I believe. To begin I tore the card at the fold and used the front half on the left hand page and then part of the back to make a pocket on the right hand page. Also used paint sample cards, oil crayons, ink pen, marker, & stickers. (BTW, this is hard to type because my kitty helper is working overtime tonight.) I started to take out the journal tag before scanning because it is personal, but you know, we all deal with baggage, so I left it in case it might help someone else.


Holly said...

I like the little organizational spot you have displayed! The art is pretty as well (your art always is :) I hope you have a great day at work! I enjoyed spending time with yall this weekend! I LOVE YOU!


Beth said...

Great journal page and great idea on the tag I can definetly relate.
Also love your ideas with the organizational tips. I love to collect ceramic planters, they seem to call to me in the thrift stores. I have been in a creative funk lately,,my muse hasn't been being co-operative. Hope you had a wonderful Fourth with your family!

Jeanie said...

Love the organization! I like to use those little planters for things, too. The green is pretty. And lovely art!

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