Monday, March 17, 2008

Altered lunchbag

I had received a corporate logo lunchbag at the Nashville trip. Of course, I no longer work for that company, since they sold us to another group. So, I came up with an altered front for the bag. Used gel medium for the glue hoping that it will be both flexible and strong enough to work with the paper and other items I used. I chose the image at first because it is so opposite me and my sweetie just as a joke, but then came up with the words, "if life is a game, play it with all your heart", which I strive to do, not necessarily as far as exercise goes, but in the sense of truly living with your feelings and trying to experience all that you can of what you want to do. Like I said that is a goal.

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Jeanie said...

What a cool idea! I get stuff like that all the time when I go to PBS meetings and unless it's something I'm just dying for a some show I love, I find I have just picked up something that ends up getting pitched! This offers a whole new idea! Let me know how everything sticks down on the surface!

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