Monday, March 10, 2008

It's my Friday, even though it's Monday, sort of

I'm sure you are saying, "What?". Today finished up one of my 4 day weekends at work(we work 10 hr days). So it's sort of a Friday. I'll be off tomorrow, work Wed. & Thurs. and then have a 4 day weekend off(one of the perks of working 4 10 hr shifts per week, is the extra off day). This weekend wasn't too bad at work. The flu that was so rampant 3 weeks ago is subsiding somewhat, though we have had a few positive flu tests this weekend, so it is still out there. The respiratory illnesses are still around some, but not quite as bad as they were. Same story with the stomach virus(bad one) that is going around. So far my dh and I have been fortunate(knock on wood) to have avoided all of the above this year.

Since I've been working and helping Mom some, not much in the way of art. Today's pic is one from the stay at the Opryland Hotel taken from where you can walk inside the hill behind the double waterfalls in my previous post about the trip to Nashville. They have a grilled window behind each waterfall. Very lovely!

Also lovely was the weather when I left work this evening. When I walked into work early this morning there was ice frozen on the walkway and when I leave it's like 67 degrees with the sun shining.

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention one of the downers of working this past weekend, which was daylight savings time! Very YUCKO when it falls on a weekend to work! I try to set my clocks up the night before, like right after I get home, to lessen the impact of the time change. I've taken to using my cell phone as an alarm clock and being a light sleeper I kept waking up to check to make sure the time has switched over. Come to find out Cingular does not change their time until some time during the day. Because I am a light sleeper, I was not an hour late for work. In one of my waking up times, I sleepily realized it was going to be time to get up soon, that the alarm was not going to be right cause the time was off, and I set my snooze for an hour to finish the night out. You would think in this day and time that technology would allow cell phones to KNOW what the time is supposed to be. I mean, aren't they connected to any kind of computer system? Did someone at AT&T have to wake up and get out of bed and push a button to switch the phones over? My several year old desktop computer managed to know that the time changed, so why couldn't my cellphone realize it? If someone with more technology knowledge than me can explain this, I would love to know!


Holly said...

I think my phone switched over. However, I did not get up until 9:00 Sunday morning so I am not sure if it would have been the correct new time at the time you usually get up for work. Tad actually had to set his phone (they are with Corr Wireless). You would think that advanced technology would allow the clock to spring forward the hour as soon as it turned Midnight. Hmmm.......

Jeanie said...

I'm having a wretched time springing forward. Go figure! I'm finally beginning to get it. Unfortunately, Gypsy hasn't picked up the schedule and Mr. Snooze Alarm is nagging at me everyday to get with the program. You'd think it'd be the other way around, wouldn't you?

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