Thursday, March 20, 2008

Excuse us, we're running to Hobby Lobby!

Yes, our Hobby Lobby opened today! And, pooh, I had to work and then we had church services this evening, so I've not been yet. (edited to add: I didn't mean that I was mad that I had to go to church, mainly that I had to work!) A coworker who works 2nd shift came in braggin' about having been there, the rat! She said that it is supposed to be one of the biggest around this area. I would have settled for a token store, just so I didn't have to drive an hour one way to get art supplies! So, YEAH! Guess you know where I'll be going after work tomorrow!


Jeanie said...

You are SO in trouble with Hobby Lobby close at hand1

Deborah said...

Jill, Great to hear from you! There are no Hobby Lobbys around here but I went to one with my sister once. Lucky you. I'm not doing much altered work now and no swaps with the group. Concentrating on sketching mostly with travels and some artwork along the way. Nice blog, you've got real creative stuff happening. Keep in touch. Deborah

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