Thursday, March 13, 2008

So excited...

...I can't sleep! Have you seen that commercial for Disneyworld? The little boy is so cute! Well, my excitement is from the fact that there will very soon be a Hobby Lobby opening in my town, only 2 minutes from where I work. Hhmmmm?!? This could be both very good and very BAD! Right now the nearest craft/art supply store is a Hobby Lobby either 40 miles north or south of me and a Michael's even further than that. With gas as high as it is, I can't make myself take trips off that far, just to get "stuff", well, I only go every few months or so. If we go to see my dd and dsil in Tuscaloosa, sometimes I can get to the one there. It could be argued that I don't really NEED a lot of things and I might agree with that, BUT ya gotta have some glue and basic supplies sometimes. And what is the harm in checking out the clearance section while you're in there? I've taken to driving through the parking lot of that shopping center to check out the progress. Today I did really have to go to Pet Depot to get my spoiled allergy prone doggy some Sweet Potato/Fish dogfood and am glad to report the parking lot of Hobby Lobby was full of cars of employees working industriously as I could see through the windows putting up shelves and signs AND there are lots of dumpsters full of garbage which surely means that lots of STUFF is being unpacked. All official signs are on the front and back of the building so thumbs up on the progress!

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Jeanie said...

Congratulations on your upcoming Hobby Lobby! We just got one here a few years ago (but did have Mike and Jo close at hand!) They have some great deals, good sales and lots of their seasonal things go on sale well before the season is over, so that's fun. The other thing is if yours is like ours, it's not only big but well spaced out, so you don't get that same cramped feeling that comes with Michael's (here at least). Yes, I'd say you're in big trouble!

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