Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here is Leonardo the Birdman

I am not sure if he is finished or not. It seems that I need to put something where the wings join the box, but I haven't hit on the right something yet. This is the "shrinelet" I mentioned in a previous post which started out with me wanting to alter a electrical outlet ala deMeng but which turned into a shrine/assemblage piece that is really weird I guess. This is what it wanted to be, though, so here it is.

The outlet ended up being the base onto which everything is glued and is only visible from behind. I glued a rusted box to the front and put Leonardo's face inside. Faux rusted a miniature magnifying glass to glue over one eye and used some beeswax around the face to soften the look some. There are shells, a piece of wooden trim, a fuse, half a hickory nutshell with a lovely heart shape, a little spring(I had a miniature snail shell which I want to put in one side of the spring, but it was dropped and disappeared, so I've got to find another one), twig legs, real feather wings. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but I used small pieces of book text and decoupaged the paper to hold the twig legs on and then also used the same technique to cover the back of the plastic pieces to which the feathers are glued. I really like that look especially on the back of the sand dollar piece. I want to try something later on with that combination, maybe some jewelry pieces.

I've gonna have to keep posting the next few days to move the studio pic carnage on down the page!


Beth said...

This is really cool! I haven't tried many assemblege pieces but I enjoy soldering so I might try to do some pieces by soldering them.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- you are impossibly creative -- this is so very cool. I really appreciate the mechanics with it -- you maxed out everything. Love it, Jill. Happy Spring!

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