Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some humorous notes

An advantage to us living in the country is that I can let Max out(both dogs live in the house) and let him go take care of his business. Our property is off the main road entirely. We have to accompany Angel since she is older, little, and has ADD. I would worry about her wandering off or a larger dog attacking her. Max, though, goes off marking his territory and then seeking privacy for other matters. He doesn't like to be watched. He never goes very far and comes right back when he is done, MOST of the time. Occasionally he decides it would be fun to go chase some cows in neighboring pastures. He is part Sheltie and has a herding instinct. We have tried to discourage him from this as we don't want the owners of the cows becoming angry, but Max will still sneek away and have his fun. The humor in this is that somehow he will manage to scare a cow or has really bad timing in coming up behind one and he comes home with a fragrant dark green smear of cow poop somewhere on his doggie body. Today it was only a small bit on his leg, but he has had half his head smeared with it before. The time that happened, I had let him back in the house, not paying attention, doing something else, until a very obnoxious odor knocked me up the side of the head and I turned around to see him looking at me with a totally innocent expression, like, "what?, I've not been anywhere near any cows!, not me!"

Another funny thing. I mentioned in one of the posts about Leonardo Birdman that I had found and then lost a miniature snail shell. Think I figured out what happened. While getting rid of the dead old growth in my little herb garden behind the house, I found some more of the little snail shells, about 5 or so. I brought them in the house and put them on the big work table in my art room. Later on I went in there thinking to glue one on the assemblage. I looked at where I had put them, thinking that I was missing one and that perhaps it had rolled to the side, so looked around the tabletop. Well, it had moved to one side under some papers, but not because it had rolled there but because it had crawled there! I didn't realize this at first, but moved it back to the papers I work on and turned around to get the assemblage piece and then back to see a tiny snail head peeking out the shell. I set it free as well as another one that was not empty either. As for the original lost snail, who knows where it ended up? If it makes it back home, wouldn't it have a wild alien abduction tale to tell!?!

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Holly said...

I have been reading your past couple of blogs and want you to know you are a very good writer. The way you write makes me want to keep reading more. Plus, I love your sense of humor! ;) (maybe because it is the same one I have...lol). Anyways, I think you should write a book one day. Add it to your list of things to do. I would definitely buy a copy! I am being serious....

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