Saturday, March 15, 2008

First attempt with wax collage

Today's photo is a 4x4 I'm sending to a friend in an individual swap. I don't think she reads my blog, so should be ok to post a pic. This started out as a piece of my work area paper. I always keep a stack of paper underneath what I'm doing. Sometimes it is some old watercolor paper that is kind of aged-looking already and sometimes just plain white scrap paper(this was some that got folded up on one end so it wouldn't go through the printer) Anyway, these papers catch some great serendipitous colors and textures from the paint and glue. This was pretty textured from gel medium, glue, and paint. I liked it as it was but have been wanting to try my new mini iron to melt wax, so I grabbed some crayons and the iron and dropped some wax here and there. I did think some of it was too thick, so I used the iron to remove some of it. The wax was used as the "glue" for the paper page elements which are a small medieval picture and the gold paper is some more of the scrap paper painted gold and then cut out with decorative scissors or punches. I attached a "believe" charm with a tiny brad and the cross overhead with gel medium. Presented in honor of Easter and the meaning behind it.


Lee W. said...

wow- that turned out so well for your first try!

Jeanie said...

Jill, this is unbelievably beautiful. Your friend is lucky indeed! Thanks for sharing what papers you used!

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