Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas banner and decorating

Here are the pennants I received for our "PEACE" Christmas banner swap. I included the "A" banner I did that I've already shown so you could see all the letters together. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it hanging up. On my next post I'll show the other 4 that I did and sent off for the swap. They were all different but made in a similar fashion.

For the one I received here are the artists:

P=Beth Deegan
E=Jane Widman
C=Lottie Storey
E=Val Orner

They are all beautiful! I love the gold and dreamy colors on Beth's. Reminds me of the star Christmas ornament I shared about last time. I've got to find out what she used for the red swirls. Doesn't look like just glue and glitter, but maybe a glitter sticker or rub-on? Anyway very pretty! Then Jane's "E" pennant is so imaginative and artistic! The art doll is completely moveable including the letter itself. She can be posed however you would like! Isn't that the coolest? I scanned these so the dangly snowflake on Beth's and the crystal on Jane's are kind of sidewise. Well, for the "A", blah, blah, blah, I don't really want to talk about her. Lottie's lovely banner is so Christmasy with the vintage angel images, sheet music, glittery stars, and beautiful red and white color scheme. I like the red sequin accents around the edge, too. Then the last "E" by Val with the collaged poinsettia paper and the red, green, and silver colors is so pretty! Loved the idea of using the red crystal dangly trim at the top.

We did indeed get a lot of rain, but no snow here where I live anyway. It is cold again today, but the sun is shining. Very grateful for the rain and anxious to drive by the lakes to see how much the water level is up now. We were beginning to look like it did last year when we were in such a drought. The lakes were 11 feet or so below normal, I think.

Have started on the Christmas decorating. The trees are out and up. Yes, I said trees. We have one huge one in the living room, better known as the "Wooly Mammoth". This is a tall flocked tree that my dh wanted from the Christmas store we go to in Pigeon Forge, TN. We have a cathedral ceiling in that room so it works there and looks pretty but it is so BIG that dh has to help me carry the box and put it up. Then I have a smaller tree that I put in my dining room. It's one that has a realistic look to it with bark on the trunk and is only 5' tall. We call it "Tiny Tim". I put the colorful ornaments, my Granny Koehler's red, silver, and green foil circle garland, and use colored lights on it. Wooly gets all white lights and then all the light colored ornaments. Beth's star ornament is going to look so pretty on this tree. Then I have pink poinsettias I put here and there on the tree and a fruit and floral garland I use on the top......Sighhh.. Then there is the tree that my dh came home with I think it was last year. He and Holly were putting up the trees because I was staying with my Mom when she came home from the rehab center after her stroke. It is 4' tall and prelit with blue lights and this is where he puts his Nascar ornaments and it goes in the hallway. Now this tree, I just call "Tacky" but he was so excited, so what do you do? At least it gets the Nascar ornaments off of Tiny Tim, lol! Still have to put the lights on(the worst job, cause we usually wrap them around the branches) and decorate.

I found a photo that Emily had on here so you can kind of see what Wooly looks like, though not yet this year! I know I had taken some of Tiny Tim, but can't locate them on the computer. I didn't take one of "Tacky Tree" but I guess I need to.

The girls will be coming in tonight so that we can go tomorrow to see the Rockettes perform in Birmingham. This was something Kerry's sister and Mom wanted us to do as a family girl's outing. Our niece, Katie, is also going. She is 13 so not sure how thrilled she is to be going. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I can con, plead, whine, persuade, or guilt the girls into helping me with the lights?!? We'll see how that goes, too!


Holly said...

I will talk about the lady who made the "A". She is a wonderfully talented artist who does not give herself enough credit. Every piece she creates elicits uniqueness and exquisite beauty she does not even recognize as so. I love the look of her art and brag on her all the time. I am blessed to call this wonderful artist my mother.

*(I am serious….I mean this comment with all my heart)

Love you,

P.S. I will be happy to help with the lights….as long as I am not the main conductor.

Holly said...

P.S.S. All the ladies who participated in this swap did a lovely job on their pieces! Beautiful! :)

Jeanie said...

Now I REALLY wish I was in that swap!

And your big white tree -- gorgeous. Simply beautiful. It sounds like you are doing some wonderful and fun things for the holidays. I'm glad, for you've often been in my thoughts.

And I LOVE Holly's comment and couldn't agree more!

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