Monday, December 29, 2008

Ephemera swap package

I received this during the busy holiday season from Judy Dickerson who is in the atc yahoo group with me. She lives in Tennessee. This was for the ephemera swap I hostessed. I forgot to take a photo of the goodies I sent her because I was really in a rush when I was getting them packaged up to mail, but she seemed happy with them. We exchanged information about our interests and I could tell she really paid attention to what I said. She sent a lot of good assemblage and collage "stuff" in addition to supplies to do it with. I had taken out of the box and used already a package of UHU scrapbooking glue sticks so they missed the photo op. In the bottom of the photo are some cool glitter and colored glue sticks. Then she also included things like packages of hinges, jewelry bits, lovely charms, vintage postage stamps and papers, handpainted papers, assorted papers and paper cutouts, vintage keys, bamboo tiles, lots of ribbons and fibers, foam shapes, and miscellaneous just good ole stuff. Then what was coolest of all was the box of old player piano "music" paper which didn't show up well in this photo but I unrolled it and it is what you are seeing underneath everything. Just recently I bought a package of collage/assemblage material from Belinda Spiwak when she was cleaning out her studio. It included some dyed player piano paper that was so lovely and I had been wanting to recreate this look. It looked like she used some kind of glittery paint. Anyway, here I receive in this package a box with a whole complete roll in it! The box itself will make a good assemblage shadowbox. It's on the right front of the photo, but it's almost cut out of the picture. It was hard to get everthing included in one shot. I was very lucky to draw Judy as my partner, I think. I look forward to having time to make some art with some of this artsy ephemeral goodness! Thanks, Judy. I don't think she has a blog or I would link to it. If I find out differently, I'll edit to include that here.


Jeanie said...

This is so cool! I wish I'd had time to do this -- I couldn't handle one more swap at the holidays, but boy -- you made out like a bandit! I bet whomever you had did, too!

Holly said...

Hey Moms!
What a great bunch of things to use for your art! This was a very neat swap idea :) I hope you have a wonderful week! I hope you get up there this week or weekend to see yall! Miss you bunches!

Love you,

Beth said...

Wow,,Judy did send you alot of goodies didn't she? I got alot of goodies from Colleen too. We were both happy with our trade. That was alot of fun to do so glad you thought that one up. I finally got my bifocal glasses this past saturday. I know you got yours not too long ago. I really haven't had any problem with them like I thought I would. I have missed a step or two but haven't fell down yet,,ha! Looks like your going to be busy doing some great art with all the goodies you got. I am ready to get busy with some art too. Hope you have a great New Years.

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