Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kindness from friends

Have lots to share and may end up doing 2 posts today which will make Holly happy as she has reminded me it's been 3 days. First I wanted to show the lovely cards and gifts from some of my online friends that I have received concerning the loss of my Dad.

The bottom scan is a beautiful card from Jeanie. She is a very encouraging friend with a talent for writing who has 2 blogs, one The Marmelade Gypsy named after her handsome cat and then another called Chopsticks and Strings which is more to do with her writing. Right now on the Gypsy blog, Jeanie is sharing wonderful photos from her recent trip to Vegas. She's always doing exciting and interesting things and sharing great pictures, writings, and art, too.

In the middle are the special cards from Charlotte, a friend who is in the atc yahoo group with me. She doesn't have a blog as far as I know. Charlotte and her daughter Lotus sent me some of the first atcs I ever received. She is always good to send a RAK when you are going through some tough times. Recently she moved to Tennessee all the way from California and now lives closer to other online friends, Beth and Lottie. They all got together recently, but unfortunately I was not able to go since I was working, when Jane, another from our yahoo group was visiting from New York state. Charlotte is orginally from Hawaii, so her lovely art often has that look to it.

Then on top, the beautiful card from Beth at Lasting Impressions from the Heart and the gorgeous ornament she made and gifted to me. Beth is also in the atc yahoo group. That she took the time to make these for me shows what a special friend she is. I cried when I opened the package, both from being touched at the loveliness and at her kindness. I scanned it so I could get a post done faster, but it would probably show up better in a photo. She said that it would be something I would have to hang on the tree to remember my Dad. He would think it is beautiful, too! It's embossed so that it is glistening and has some microbeads scattered around to add even more. There is a beaded wire hanger that has a cool bead in it that looks like it's made from paper inside plastic tubing. The front says "Peace on Earth" and then the back "the Spirit of Giving", which indeed these friends have.

Thanks so much to all of you for taking time out to send kindness to a friend. It brightens my life and warms my heart.

I also got yesterday, the beautiful banners from the swap I mentioned before. I've scanned them and will be sharing them next time.

Yesterday and today we've been getting a good bit of rain. Haven't heard yet how much, but it's still coming down. Today it's beginning to cool off and still raining, so a very messy, yucky day. I'm not complaining about the rain, though, as we needed that. There is the possibility of snow I think later on.


Beth said...

Oh Jill, I am so glad you liked the ornament. You have been on my mind alot. We have got alot of rain this week and we needed it. It turned to sleet for a brief time this afternoon but Nashville and eastward is getting some good snow right now. We are a little too far west and it has cleared out here,,bummer.
I Love all the other cards that you got too. Charlotte called me last night and her son got laid off of his job at Adobe, not good for them at all. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Hope all is going ok for you and that your enjoying your time off.

Holly said...

WOW! You have some very talented, kind, and wonderful friends! That ornament will look perfect on Wooly Mamoth (i.e. what I call our Christmas tree)! Hope you have a wonderful day! I will see you soon!

Love you,

P.S. It took me five minutes to actually get to post a comment. I tried several times but the page wouldn't load. Glad I finally got to as I was getting impatient...not one of my best qualities :)

Jeanie said...

All so lovely, Jill. Just beautiful. And what a lovely plug for the Gypsy, too -- that was awfully nice.

Beth's stuff -- wow!

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