Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas wishes from my doggies

Playing around a bit with a picture from a couple of years ago. You can tell the dogs, especially Max, weren't too thrilled with the extra attire,but here they are with a special Merry Christmas to you all.

Not had much time to blog or do art. The week of Thanksgiving I was off but that ended up being a bad week. At the same time that my Dad died, my Mom had some kind of injury to her left knee which is her non-stroke side. This hampered her ability to get around a good bit, so in addition to dealing with Dad's death, I've had to do extra for Mom and having to go over there more than I was before. It seemed to be healing, but then this week, a little worse again. Of course, I've been working since last Wednesday evening and it's been pretty busy at work, too, though last night was better. One more night to go!

I don't have my Christmas decorations up yet and no Christms shopping done yet either except for some stocking stuffers. Budget considerations and time constraints seem to be limiting my abilities to think what to get or do.

Hhhmm, this post seems to be fairly negative to have started off with such a cute Merry Christmas wish. My apologies, but just trying to explain the lack of blogging lately. My dh has promised to help me get Christmas decorations out this coming week while I'm off. About to head off to bed. It has warmed up here today and is very windy. Weathermen had been predicting rain, which we still need very badly, so I hope they get that right.


Jeanie said...

Raining and pouring. It's hard pulling together Christmas with work and family issues, and you've had your share. But I'm glad you found time to play with the doggie photos! Now THAT's a Christmas card!

You'll pull it together when you're off. Just remember -- be gentle with you. Things are different this year and you get to choose where you cut yourself some slack.

Take care.

Beth said...

Thats a cute pic of the Animules,,,they are so cute. Warmest wishes to them too. Oh Jilly,,you sound like your pretty overwhelmed from work and taking care of your Mom. I sure have been there and done that. I wish I lived closer so I could help you out some. I sent you a prezent last week,,did you ever get it? I mailed it on friday. My mail has been so SLOW lately,,grrrrrr.
Rest up, dear,,and every thing will work out. Maybe the girls will come up and help you decorate?

Holly said...

Hi Moms,
Love the work you did with the Christmas card! Very cute! I will be happy to help you put up the Christmas decorations. However, I believe I am exempt from the lights since I did them last year! :) Love you and hope you last night at work this week goes well.

Love you,

Holly said...

Urgent Reminder: It has been three days since your last post.

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