Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I did find a picture of Tiny Tim on my laptop. This is the small natural-looking tree I picked out which we set up in the dining room. This is the first room you enter from our front porch. It used to be our living room before we added on the living room and garage a few years ago. Tiny gets the brightly colored ornaments and colored lights. I've been setting it up on a small bench the last few years.

In the windows, you can see a little of a couple of my collections that I put out as Christmas decorations. One is the McDonald's Happy Meal train. We had several of the pieces from when the girls were little and then I found a few at a flea market. For some reason these say Christmas to me, kind of like putting a toy train around your tree. I used to set these up around the base of this tree when I had it setting on the floor. To make the train a little longer I add the toys that have a miniature VHS movie box as the base with a toy from the movie on top. These are Disney Video Favorites with characters like Mickey Mouse, Flubber, Pocahontas, & Lady and the Tramp.

Then I have several 101 Dalmation toy characters that I also display here at Christmas. One is tangled up in Christmas lights while another has his head through a wreath, then some are holding presents. Not even sure how many I have of these, but for some reason they just have to be out at Christmas. Also I have Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Fozzy Bear which were Happy Meal toys, too, I think.

Next year I'll have to remember to take pictures of the different Christmas collections I have. I know I've enjoyed looking at other blogs to see what and how other people decorate for the holidays. This year most of my knick knacky Christmas won't get put out, but normally there are a good many of the holiday items I've collected over the years. I have a fair number of vintage Christmas figurines, a vintage Santa face pitcher and assorted mugs, different kinds of houses that I've been placing in a vignette in the middle of my dining table with a few trees, a collection of Santas that I put on the mantel in the living room with a metal sleigh full of presents, a Home Interior manger scene, and then assorted snowmen, plates, and platters.

My Dh collects the North Pole Department 56 Christmas village and has a sizable number of them now. I have taken a photo of that, but will have to locate it on my computers. It is very pretty when it's all set up. That particular one I like because it is fanciful rather than realistic and about toys, elves, and Santa Claus though the other more realistic villages they have are pretty, too.


Jeanie said...

Oh, Jill, this is beautiful -- and I love the name. And I especially love that you have the dalmations!

I hope your Christmas was a good one. And new year's, too!

Beth said...

Your tree looks so pretty and it sounds very whimsical with all the goodies around it. It sure doesn't feel like Christmas weather wise does it? It got up to 73 here today. I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy your visit with your daughter this week-end.

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