Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hope everyone has a good holiday week!

I don't have any Christmas art on my computer. I know I've done some, but it must have been before I had a scanner. Thought this skinny book page was close enough with the green and the stars. It was done for a swap with a postage stamp theme. I've shown a few of these before. The background started with pieces from encyclopedia pages with a star tissue paper overlay whitewashed with gesso. Think the central image behind the vintage stamp was either from a textbook or an encyclopedia. Accents are stickers. Used a green watercolor pencil to add a touch of color around the picture.

Still working. Last night was pretty busy in the ER. Lots of sickness and then people with problems related to holiday depression.

Should I confess that I don't have my holiday shopping finished. Pretty sad, I know. We've cut way back this year anyway. So really just a few gifts to get. Christmas decorating didn't get done like we usually do either. But sometimes you just do the best you can. I hope all of you are having a great week and will be able to spend it with those you love and/or doing whatever it is that means Christmas to you.


Beth said...

Hi Jilly! I Love the skinny page! And it does looks Christmassy! I have been so busy with all our kids here for Christmas. It took awhile to get our daughter here from Spokane, due to the weather.
I still have to go out tomorrow morning on Christmas Eve and get a few more presents and then I am finished.
We have all had colds and coughs this week and Mom just got over a bad cold. Guess thats because of this crazy weather. It was so cold on Sunday and Monday and of course today it had to warm up and rain. My brother in Bama said ya'll have had the same kind of weather. Wish we could have a White Christmas but it sure isn't looking like it.
I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas. I will try to write you tomorrow.

Holly said...

Hi Moms!
Thank you for the birthday wishes on Facebook. I am sorry I have not been able to get in touch with yall (or yall me). I have no signal here at all. I have seen several people try to call me (one was Dadders last night), but I can't keep signal long enough to answer the call and hold onto it. I tried with Emily the other day, but I could not hear her at all and then the phone call got dropped. Anyway, I hope you are having a great work week. I really missed yall on my birthday and I know I will miss you lots on Christmas. Well, I really have missed you the entire week :) If we go to town anytime, I will give yall a call then. Please tell everyone I love them, miss them, and Merry Christmas. Give them my hugs too!

Love you,

P.S. I would comment on your art, but I can't see it. This internet connection loads at 34.2 kb, much worse than yours if you can imagine. I will look at it when I get back to high speed internet.

Jeanie said...

This is beautiful -- very moody and I agree with Beth -- it does look Christmassy.

Your work is always just wonderful!

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