Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Christmas pennants

These are the other 4 pennants I made for the banner swap. I worked on these while we were camping. It was cold and we were near a lake, so I learned that evidently temperature and humidity have a lot to do with a gluestick working correctly. The gluestick that I normally use and have no trouble with failed miserably. After I got home and brought my stuff in to put finishing touches on, found that a lot of areas were coming unglued, so I ended up having to reglue with some Elmer's that I could squeeze underneath.

Another discovery I wanted to share and I'm sure it's not new to most of you was how I altered paper to make it suit my color scheme better.I had just gathered up a bunch of Christmas colored papers and picutres to take with me and was trying to make the pennants just using what I had with me. On the top 3, but especially the 3rd pennant, I used a paper that started out as white with small red dots. I wanted it to not be so starkly colored, so I stamped here and there with some small designs like swirls in different colors of stamp ink and then overall swiped some of the colors over the paper. I also used the swiping and daubing of color on the off white paper shapes that serve as the background for the "A's" and the textured paper that is at the top of several of the banners. I used the Stickles glitter from a bottle for adding the glitter accents. Those work really well if I can get my hand steady enough.


Holly said...

Hi Moms,
Very pretty banners! You did a great job with all of them!

Love you,

Jeanie said...

I wish I'd had time to do this swap because I would want to get all banners by you! They're gorgeous! And thanks for the coloring tip!

Kim's Treasures said...

Very beautiful! Thank you for your kind comments on my dad!

Beth said...

I finally got my box from Jane on monday and all of the banners were great. I am going to work on hanging them up this afternoon. I LOVED YOURS! They were all great!
Oh,,the swirls on mine were stamps with red glitter embossing powder on them. We have registeration at work this week for next semester and I haven't had time to do squat,lol. My stepdaughter is coming in tomorrow so I am trying to clean some at night but I am so tired. I haven't even sent out Christmas cards this year. Maybe I will do New Years cards? I am off next week so I can play some then.
Are you back at work this week?

Holly said...

Urgent: It has been four days since your last post.

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